What came first: Passion or the Product?

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March 27, 2018
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What came first: Passion or the Product?

8th March 2018 – Graeme Stuart, Beezer Head of Product

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At Beezer, we are building out a new platform harnessing the latest technology to connect sports organisations in a more meaningful way to their membership. Our vision is to better connect the physical with the digital engagement in these community groups. We will share more about what we’re doing in future posts.

A key part of the culture that’s evolving in Beezer is actively engaging with our own local community. We are a Belfast company building a software platform and we want to contribute to the tech economy in Belfast.

Only a few years ago, there were very few indigenous companies who were looking at providing products to a truly global audience. There were also few tech interest groups offering learning and networking opportunities to specialists in areas such as product, testing etc. That is rapidly changing and is due; in part, to local community collaboration through co-working spaces like Ormeau Baths or Farset Labs, generous company sponsorship & crucially, local meetups managed by volunteers.

These local meetups include (but aren’t limited to!);

One of Belfast’s big strengths is it’s high-quality + more affordable engineering base compared to the US. As co-founder of ProductTank Belfast, I strongly believe that for Belfast to become a truly strategic, knowledge hub we need to evolve to compete.

A big part of that is to build equally strong product community to support that (rightly lauded btw) engineering talent. At ProductTank Belfast, we’ve shared how we have managed to grow our membership by collaborating with other conferences & initiatives.  Our hope is that this provides some guidance to anyone out there who wants to grow their own network or community.

Beezer sponsored ProductTank Belfast in the Ormeau Baths last year (all vested interests were fully divulged at the time!) as we want to support the product & wider tech community where we can. We had 2 fantastic talks from Brainwave Bank & Performa Sports




Amazing insights into brainwaves & how their product could improve cognitive health by Brian Murphy of BrainWaveBank.







 Danny Turley of Performa Sports explaining how performance analytics has exploded at all levels of sports& how their product strategy has evolved.





Whilst Beezer is still early days in our growth plans, if you feel that we can help support your tech community in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.