Placement @ Beezer

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April 12, 2018
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Placement @ Beezer

20th June 2018-Megan Fitzpatrick, Business Support Analyst 


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So with one placement student leaving and another coming in, it only seemed right to ask Megan how her time was working at Beezer.


So, Megan, you started in June 2017, it’s been a long year, how did you find working for this startup?

I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for the company. I was given the job title Business Support Analyst however as my placement progressed I was able to experience all aspects of the business such as product, marketing and account management.


And Beezer is a slightly unique placement as it’s a startup, what did you make of that?

I actually really liked it, it meant I was heavily involved in all areas of the business and was given many opportunities and responsibilities throughout my placement year. I was responsible for reporting to the engineering team on what problems are reoccurring or that I could foresee, they really valued my work. So much so that I am staying on with Beezer during my final year if my University timetable allows it.


How did you find working with such a small team?

Not only is the work that Beezer do brilliant but the people are amazing. Doing placement can be a daunting thought for most students however the people within Beezer made the transition from an academic life to a professional role easy.  As there are only 25 employees I had the ability to work closely and make genuine friends. Beezer is a prime example of how to make a workplace fun from beer Fridays to work nights out.

The actual work itself, was it what you expected?

Like any job I did find certain aspects challenging, however, I believe these challenges have taught me important lessons especially going into the world of work. Throughout my time at Beezer, I have developed many skills such as self-management, working within a team and independently, efficient multi-tasking and self-motivation. I have also had the ability to work alongside and gain knowledge from other employees.

Any final words for future placement students?

Overall my placement experience has been very positive and I would highly recommend students to apply to do their placement with Beezer.


Thanks Megan!